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Dance Auditions | Sunday 10 September

Juvenile Dancers

9.30am Registration for Juvenile Dancers (6-11yrs, max height 4’5", girls only)
10am Audition
10.45am approx time of first cut
11.15am approx time for briefing with parents of successful auditionees

Intermediate Dancers

11.30am Registration for Intermediate Dancers (11-15yrs, max height 5’4", girls only)
12pm Audition
12.45pm approx time of first cut
1.15pm approx time for briefing with parents of successful auditionees

Senior Dancers

1.30pm Registration for Senior Dancers* (15yrs+, max height 5’8", girls only)
2pm Audition
2.45pm approx time of first cut
3.30pm approx time for briefing with parents of successful auditionees

Frequently Asked Questions...

Which category should I audition for?
Depending on your height and ability, dancers may be considered for older age groups, and asked to stay to the next audition. If you are unsure of which category to audition, please register for the earlier/younger category and be prepared to stay for the next session if invited. If you are older, but shorter than average, register for the younger age group first.

Do I need to prepare or bring anything?
No, you don’t need to prepare anything, you’ll be taught a routine on the day. Please wear comfortable dance clothing, and wear Jazz Shoes, Trainers, or similar. Please also make sure you bring a drink with you into the audition. Ensemble and Senior Dancers should wear something that shows your figure.

Can I be considered if I can’t attend the audition?
No, sadly we can’t consider dancers for any category who are unable to attend the audition on the day.

What do grown ups need to do?
On arrival, parents/gaurdians will be required to complete and sign a registration and consent form (you can also download and complete the form in advance). Parents/guardians will not be allowed into the audition room, but parents of dancers under the age of 16yrs will be required to attend a meeting straight after the audition, if their child is successful.

When will I need to attend rehearsals?
You can download the rehearsal schedule now to check you are available. You will need to be able to commit to the full rehearsal period in order to be considered.

How often will I perform?
Juvenile, Intermediate and Senior Dancers will be cast in three teams, and scheduled to appear in every third performance throughout the run.

Do I need a licence to perform?
All performers aged under 16yrs require a licence to perform. Licensing requirements, rehearsal (which will begin in November), and performance schedules, as well as details of parent chaperoning during the run, will be discussed in full with the parents of successful auditionees at the briefing immediately following the audition.

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